Friday, 3 May 2013

Seaside Rendezvous

Tonight we are taking a trip to the seaside.  Riding a donkey, making sandcastles, playing the penny slots on the pier and wearing one of those knotted handkerchiefs on our heads.

What food reminds you of seaside holidays?  What tunes make you imagine cloudy sunshine summer beaches?

Music: Spotify playlist.  Starting with the Queen track, we amble through The Sea by Morcheeba, via the very funny and lovely Robin Sparkles with Sandcastles in the Sand (you should know this song from How I Met Your Mother) and ending up at Dreamshade (modern melodic death metal from Switzerland)!

Cocktail: Sex on the Beach.  Of course.  It's got a bad rap, but it's a nice, easy going drink.  I would be too ashamed to order it in a poncy bar but I would order a pitcher in Wetherspoons.  Gawd, I'm pretentious.

Fresh prawns and dips

Very simple, cold juicy prawns and a couple of dips.  It was clean and fresh - lovely.

It was so lovely and filling that we ended up chatting on the sofa and not getting round to making the fish and chips main course!


Another time :-)

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