Friday, 24 February 2012

Food vs Music

We have been FridayDateNight-ing for a few years now (wow!) and it's always been about our twin loves of music and food (and booze, woop!).  So tonight we shall have our food pay homage to music and our music pay homage to food.

I know, we're wacky, right?!

What I'm thinking is eating some Black Eyed Peas and listening to Fish.  It's pretty sophisticated.

I have also introduced a Challenge.  If he didn't already find it complex enough to find food that fitted my ridiculous themes, I am going to give him a food item that he can try to get in to the evening's meal.  In however a tenuous way.  Maybe the more tenuous the better.  In the spirit of fairness, I will have him choose a band/artist and I will endeavour to find a song of theirs that fits the theme.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Computer club

As I begin on my journey to being a proper geek - I started My Digital Life for my Computer degree with the OU this month - I have started to spout all sorts of actual techie facts.  Ones that maybe I should have known already.  Like what voltage is, or talking about valves in Colossus.  I still don't actually really know anything at all, but hey, I am on my way.  Let's forget the first assignment is already due next week!

Tonight we're at computer club; embracing the technical and geek aspirations of our household.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Traffic light fantastic

Where on earth does the inspiration for these evenings come from?  Sometimes I just have no idea.  Maybe all day looking at RAG statii (red, amber or green status of an item on a project I'm on) has permeated my brain and I dream of these colours every night without realising.

I like the simplisitic nature of this theme.  He is going for a red starter, amber main and green dessert.  I am going to use the colours as keyword searches as well as some songs that came to me immediately.

It's a primary colour fantasia of an evening.  Join usssssssss.

Friday, 3 February 2012


This evening we will be entertaining the genre of Steampunk.  Since my colleagues sneered at my 'everyone knows what that is' I shall elaborate: it's an alternative future based on technology from the Victorian era.  It's sci fi, a bit like Philip Pullman's worlds.  Airships - yes.  Cogs, goggles, clockwork, steam operated equipment - yes.  Where might we may have gone directionwise?

We are spending the weekend with friends where the theme will continue, onto Saturday night where we are going to the Retrofuturist Ball.  Professor Elemental is playing.  We like him.