Friday, 21 December 2012


This year's theme for Christmas is Geekery.  We have had a year of lots of geeky things with me becoming oh so techie with my studying as well as some fabulous shows.

Tonight is a wonderful celebration of the food and music of the world of geek.  I couldn't choose a sensible three courses, there's so much inspiration out there and mad thoughts of my own.  So there's sort of endless courses.  It's also our fake Christmas Eve tonight (we are away for real Christmas) so eating and drinking and relaxing will be very high up the agenda for days.  Yippee!

That's our Christmas tree in the picture.  It's very geeky.  It has a tardis plushie, some iPhone ornaments (you can see the Facebook one, there's also Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and a cute Instagram one).  A family of robots. A teenage mutant ninga turtle (crocheted) and some Mario mushrooms.  A felt stuffed pacman chases some ghosts around the bottom of the tree; the minx.  A lego bauble.  A pantone bauble.  And some comic characters (Wolverine pictured) including the Green Arrow who I keep calling the Green Lantern as they're the 'same thing' because it's very funny to annoy my hubbie.

My favourite is the most obscure: a mini version of Jayne's hat from Firefly.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Fairy stories

The theme tonight is fairytales.  We shall search the bands out there who have been influenced by that childhood bedtime ritual of a story before going to sleep.

One thing that is clear about fairy stories is that there are some that are really quite twisted.  This is a good read from the Guardian.

Recently both Grimm and Once Upon a Time have surfaced in TV land.  The latter being our favourite, and because of who's making it, there's Lost and Buffy alumni throughout, which makes it more fun.