Friday, 26 October 2012

London Underground

I like order and I love colour, especially if it's bringing the order, by categorising. So things I love: the London Underground, Monopoly, playing cards, chess, traffic lights...

I went to the London Transport museum recently as there is an exhibit Mind the Map spending some time looking at the tube map, which is a beautifully designed item.

I could take the theme this evening all sorts of ways (and maybe I will revisit with a spin for an encore if popular) but have decided to take each tube line and do a tasting menu style of many small dishes representing them.  Yes, there are twelve lines (although I forgot one in the end, whatevs it was blue).  I also was so faffy I tried to make each dish look like the Underground roundel symbol.

On the music front, he is going to find out how many musicians are influenced travelling around London enough to write songs about it.  Hmmm....

Friday, 19 October 2012


An evening dedicated to moi?  I couldn't possibly!  Lovely hubbie is cooking my fave things and I am playing my autobiography via the medium of music.  This will literally only be interesting to me, and even I am a tad embarrassed with the attention.  I am shy rilly, you know that, right?

Today I had a photography lesson and walk down to the Thames in Pangbourne to try out the theory.  Was great fun.  I like this pic; shows the beautiful Autumn colours.

Lovely hubbie bought me this camera two birthdays ago and it's been a mystery to me since then.  However, now I know about macro lenses, apertures and the law of thirds and I have been having great fun playing.

Friday, 12 October 2012


Tonight has the theme of random.

He decided to just be influenced by whatever recipes call to him.  He googled "amazing things to cook" or somesuch, and trawled until he was inspired.

I am being very organised in my randomness.  I have a D20 (20 sided dice to you normal people) and I am going to count to that number I roll on the recipe text, look that word up on Spotify, and then choose that number song in the list.  Yes, random.  Yes, organised randomness.

This week has felt random.  It started of a bit strangely, but by today it's been quite nice.  Some week's evolve and wind all around.