Friday, 16 May 2014

Flight of Fancy

He did an intensive course last week and passed a multitude of flying exams; Navigation, Meteorology, Radio Telephony and Flight Planning.  He's getting closer and closer to getting his PPL and being able to fly me to exotic locations.

I've been working for NATS, who look after the air traffic control in the UK (and beyond) so I have been in the weirdly unique position of knowing an extraordinary amount about their new computer systems, without actually really having any idea what anything does.  "Speedbird1", "callsigns" and a new feature which looks like a 1970s TV quiz board.  I know how to use them, I just don't know why.  Ahhhh, training.

This week, therefore, it is time to have a flying theme.

Friday, 9 May 2014

"You'll eat what Jeff eats"

One of our favourite Mighty Boosh episodes is The Legend of Old Gregg.  And it's quite foody.  Sorta.

In it, our heroes visit a fishermen's village and try to get some food and drink in a local pub.  Then they fish on a lake on a full moon (classic mistake) and Howard meets Old Gregg.

Tonight is very niche and insane.  Welcome to our very, very favourite FridayDateNights.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Goblin King Ball

Tonight we were meant to be attending an 'actual' Goblin King Ball, but it was sadly cancelled at the last minute.

We have decided to create our own mini version.