Friday, 23 November 2012

Four Seasons

As we hit the cold of the Winter season this week (Winter began on the 21st November, I believe), time to reflect back on the seasons of the year through the medium of food.  He gets Spring and Autumn and I am Summer and Winter, so let's see if the meals we choose reflect the season well.

The music will, naturally, include Vivaldi's Four Seasons and anything else that crops up.  I wonder if the music will reflect how the season feels?

This is a really quite cheery theme I think.

Music: Spotify Playlist.

Cocktail: Elderflower Collins.  Starting with Spring, Elderflower seems a springlike thing to be drinking.  It's beautifully fresh and cheerful.  If I close my eyes I can imagine little lambs bounding about and the Easter Bunny being predatory.

Spring: Avocado, Prawn and Fennel Cocktail

He found that googling for Spring food, came up with a lot of seafood recipes.  He has gone with this cold starter, lots of zesty and fresh ingredients.  I am not a great fan of fennel, aniseed being the one thing I am really not that overly fond of, so let's see...

Well, there's the thing about food - sometimes a combination makes something altogether different.  The fennel (which I had on its own and winced at) was lovely with the avocado and citrus dressing.  Big win.

The only thing I would change is that the rocket to garnish was a bit too in harsh against the other items.

The "spring" keyword search in Spotify brought up tunes from Tracy Chapman to Two Door Cinema Club, and the vibe over all was etherel, is that Spring?  A kind of awakening from a long slumber?  Hmmm.

Summer: Lentil, Carrots and Spinach Stew

This is part of a Jamie recipe I saw on the TV.  The actual TV in real time, a very rare occurrence   And I am reminded why when I venture away from our TV database or Netflix.  Everything is mad out there.  And adverts, urghh.

I definitely got this wrong, it isn't summery at all.  Although he is sweet and said it would be nice cold with a BBQ - hmmm, maybe...  I think it needs chunks of chorizo and a fat red wine, well, excellent, that's what I will do next time!

Tunes that have come up with the "summer" keyword seem to be full of energy, and you feel hot, actually like it's tiring and dusty.  Sleepy.  Very cool.

Autumn: Italian Sausage Stew with Bubble and Squeak

So there are no actual Italian sausages in this stew.  But hey, it looks awesome cooking away with all the shenanigans being thrown into the pot.

This was really lovely, felt like you needed to be eating it next to an open fireplace with the wind whirling loudly outside.

Autumn songs seem to be reflective.

Winter: Ginger Brownies

A couple of hiccups with this recipe.  The container just really wasn't big enough and the ginger just didn't make its fiery presence known.  Otherwise a nice sticky combination.  I think went particularly well with a homemade Brandy Cream sauce.  Moistened it up.  I went with the recipe suggestion of sea salt on the top, which I just loved.  Made it so grown up.

Winter music seems to be very "falling asleep on the sofa covered in duvets and throws".  The songs are lullabies and depressing and slowwwww.  Enya makes an appearance, as does Bat for Lashes.

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