Friday, 3 February 2012


This evening we will be entertaining the genre of Steampunk.  Since my colleagues sneered at my 'everyone knows what that is' I shall elaborate: it's an alternative future based on technology from the Victorian era.  It's sci fi, a bit like Philip Pullman's worlds.  Airships - yes.  Cogs, goggles, clockwork, steam operated equipment - yes.  Where might we may have gone directionwise?

We are spending the weekend with friends where the theme will continue, onto Saturday night where we are going to the Retrofuturist Ball.  Professor Elemental is playing.  We like him.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Spotify only had a handful of the fledging Steampunk bands that are out there.  We quite like Steam Powered Giraffe; cheery and fun.  The others are quite dark, which is fine.  We have seen a few bands live so I put them on next: Professor Elemental, Mr B and Tankus the Henge.  Two of which I tried to book for my wedding music festival last year (but they couldn't make the date).

Food: He decided to go for straight Victorian food.  He hands me Brandy and Lovage to drink.  Sweet, almost port-like.  Mmmm.

<-- Angels and Devils on Horseback

Not only does it sound cool, it has a fantasy feel to it as well.

Beautifully presented and a riot of tastes.  He couldn't get oysters so we had scallops.  Always nice to have those, but would certainly be interesting to have with oysters.  The dates were lovely all warmed up and sticky.  Each mouthful was different as there was quite a lot going on.  Nice.

Would be a nice little starter for a dinner party; some nice tastes and getting the palate a-whetted.

Skycatcher Stew -->

An old fashioned recipe pepped up with some chilli (steamy), this is a hot, hot chicken cacciatorre.

After a tiring day our catching things in the sky, have this to warm you up in front of the fireplace.  As he potters about, julienning vegetbles and warming red wine, we listen to Tankus the Henge who are, I am surprised at, not signed.

A nice meal, heavy on the veg and good for that.  The heat of the added scotch bonnet made it for me, I think it would have been a bit meh without.  I would have liked something a little more in it, like chorizo, or bits of black pudding.  Or freakin' oysters.

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