Saturday, 28 January 2012

G'day mate

This week was Australia Day.  Since we were hungover-ed out from Burn's Night, and the juxtaposition of two quite different nations two days in a row was too much (even for us), today our FridayDateNight is for our friend's down under.

Always odd on Facebook when my Australian mates post how warm it is and how they're eating dinner at breakfast time.  They're so crazy.

I would like to visit sometime, but it's so far and you'd have to go for a couple of weeks to make the most of the getting used to time zone thang.  It's on the list though.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Bit of Kylie, INXS, Pendulum and Midnight Oil.  And then a segue into less well known bands to see if we find some gems.

Food: He had a search for Australian food, which suggests that 18th century english food is still popular over there.   They took fish and chips and roast dinners with them over to their new land.  They supplemented it with things that are native to Oz, like lots of seafood.  Italian and Chinese influences also seem to be prominent.

<-- Vegemite rolls

I'm not sure I have had Vegemite.  In my mind I think it's like Marmite which I have never really made any effort to get on with.  But the Ozzie's like it.  He has made puff pastry roll ups and thinks they might be quite good buffet food.  Let's see...

So I like them.  Would be good as an alternative sausage roll for a veggie as they feel quite meaty and substantial.  I quite like the idea of a dipping sauce with them.  A salsa maybe.  Or raita.  Hmmm.

His research for Australian cocktails came up with that they don't do cocktails.  He made me a PRINCE2 cocktail (as I found out I passed my exam today) and then a margarita (as he's abandoning me for the weekend and doesn't think I will mind if he's just awesomely lovely to me till he goes.

"Stuff on the Barbie" (but, you know, on the grill really) -->

If we could get the BBQ out to do this we would.

He did three different marinades for the three elements.  The king prawns might have got a bit lost against their bigger brothers, but I enjoyed them.  The tuna was HUGE and he did wonderfully rare.  I love the man but he does have a tendency to well done things, he done good.  Lovely marinade, a bit asian (always good with tuna).  Neither of us could finish the steak and therefore have a very awesome lunch tomorrow.  The lobster tails (yes, how awesome that he got lobster) were brushed and grilled and were beautifully juicy.  Could have eaten four more (at £7 each, hahaha!)

This is gonna be cool at a real BBQ, woop!

<-- Raspberry Pavlova

An Australian dessert, or it from New Zealand?  They both claim the dessert was created in their countries to honour Anna Pavlova the ballerina.

He started using a random internet recipe till I insisted upon Family Recipe.  Which means nothing I'm sure but sure had less cooking time.  Yay!  This was one of the very first recipes I did when I was a kid and I used to make them quite a lot.  Strawberries were the topping back then, but I like the tartness of raspberries these days.

It was the best pavlova I have ever had.

How is it fair he's better at all the things I think I am good at?!

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