Friday, 17 February 2012

Computer club

As I begin on my journey to being a proper geek - I started My Digital Life for my Computer degree with the OU this month - I have started to spout all sorts of actual techie facts.  Ones that maybe I should have known already.  Like what voltage is, or talking about valves in Colossus.  I still don't actually really know anything at all, but hey, I am on my way.  Let's forget the first assignment is already due next week!

Tonight we're at computer club; embracing the technical and geek aspirations of our household.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Really interesting selection here from Prince to Daft Punk and some new bits and pieces from all sorts of genres.  Very cool.

Food: The first keyword search he used was "RAM cocktail".  Why would that exist?!  Oh, but it does and I'm drinking the very awesome Ramcooler right now.  He was very pleased to be able to finally use the ice crusher we bought earlier this year.  He used a lot of googling and hoping for the best on the food front.  How could that go wrong...
<-- Chicken Bytes

Wow, he's clever aint he with the punnage.  A byte is 8 bits so I guess I shall have to chomp 8 bits of each one?

He has been rifling through the freezer for non existent breadcrumbs and has had to improvise with brushetta (how posh is our household?).  And on goes the deep fat fryer.  I am still embarrassedly pleased we own a calorie madness that is such a device.  Hurrah.  He is now assembling (like assembly language) a number of dips.   Ketchup, BBQ sauce and fruit HP sauce.  Classy this aint, brushetta crumbs or not.

He is opening a wine which he deliberately got from California, the original silicon valley.  W00t.

Phishing Burger with microchips -->

Ho ho. See what he did there too.  This was great, he deep fried a slab of white fish (which he had battered) and served with a caper, guerkin sort of tartar sauce. 

The microchips were kinda, well, crisps.  But how cool that he can make crisps. 

Definitely worth a 2.0 :-)

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