Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Traffic light fantastic

Where on earth does the inspiration for these evenings come from?  Sometimes I just have no idea.  Maybe all day looking at RAG statii (red, amber or green status of an item on a project I'm on) has permeated my brain and I dream of these colours every night without realising.

I like the simplisitic nature of this theme.  He is going for a red starter, amber main and green dessert.  I am going to use the colours as keyword searches as well as some songs that came to me immediately.

It's a primary colour fantasia of an evening.  Join usssssssss.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Starting off with, I thought must be, the only popular song named after traffic lights, The Tings - Traffic Light.  They are, though, a lotttttt of songs inspired by traffic lights.  Weird.  Maybe there's loads about paperclips too, eh?  I keyword red, amber and green to tally up with the courses.  This is, of course, amazingly successful.

Food: His inspiration this evening came from my challenge of asking him to do beef carpaccio as the red starter.  He then searched for "yellow recipe" which lead him eventually to his choice for the evening.  Then he was flummoxed at a dessert and I had to step in with my head full of suggestions and back seat cheffing.

He hands me an appletini.  I have wanted an appletini ever since JD from Scrubs revealed his penchant for this very non masculine way.   I have challenged my husb to drink it manly.  Even with a fist round the stem it sure is a gay, green drink.

<-- RED Beef carpaccio

99 Red Balloons, Red Red Wine and The Lady in Red are the popular ones for the red.  We also find some good bands to go back to and explore more.

The challenge was also the slicing of the beef.  We had fillet, he froze it for 30 mins and then tried to slice thinly.  It looked pretty hard to do.  He reinforced the NEED to buy hardcore mega expensive japanese knives.  He layered the beef on rocket and sprinkled with parmesan and black pepper.

AMBER Chick pea dhal with yellow rice and yellow fish tuna, with yellow peppers -->

He sure has some random ideas here.  Not least that yellow fin tuna is not yellow.  How we laugh and laugh.

His curry is good.  Why is he so good at curries?!  Really lovely tastes and textures.  Yellow rice really interesting, very flavoured.

<-- GREEN Key Lime Pie

We ate the Gu key lime pie before I got a chance to photograph it!  It wasn't green anyway, but my, it was lovely.  This pic is of the appletinis instead.  Do you like the background; that's an apron being held up behind for artiness.

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