Friday, 16 May 2014

Flight of Fancy

He did an intensive course last week and passed a multitude of flying exams; Navigation, Meteorology, Radio Telephony and Flight Planning.  He's getting closer and closer to getting his PPL and being able to fly me to exotic locations.

I've been working for NATS, who look after the air traffic control in the UK (and beyond) so I have been in the weirdly unique position of knowing an extraordinary amount about their new computer systems, without actually really having any idea what anything does.  "Speedbird1", "callsigns" and a new feature which looks like a 1970s TV quiz board.  I know how to use them, I just don't know why.  Ahhhh, training.

This week, therefore, it is time to have a flying theme.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Lots of tunes about flying with some help from here and here.

We finish off with Top Gun tunes.  Excellent.

Cocktail: Cloud 9


1 oz. Whisky
1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Triple sec
1 oz. Cranberry juice
1 oz. Pineapple juice
Splash 7-up

Hmmm, quite tasty.  Amaretto definitely making itself known.

California "barrel" roll

We had sushi classes at Yo Sushi last week and learnt how to roll and make a few different types of sushi.  Our favourite were the hand rolls.  The Yo Sushi california rolls usually have crabsticks (not really my thing) but they'd run out and we had white crab meat, which was really nice.  I have shelled out (ba-boom) £20 (!) for a container of white crab meat, so I will have to come up entertaining ways to use up the rest tomorrow as it spoils quite quickly.

As with when we had a thai cooking lesson in Thailand, when we come to actually recreate these "easy" recipes in our kitchen, suddenly it's quite a different ball game.  All the parts the chef helpfully pre-prepared are the bits we don't know how to do.  This was along those lines, the recipe booklet didn't quite remind us of everything.

HOWEVER, I would say sushi, particularly, is deeply forgiving.  One of those things that all errors can be covered up and the item tastes good regardless.  These were lovely.

Gangnam-style Chicken Wings and Ain't No Thing Butta Chicken Wing

"Wings are the most important things on an aircraft in flight and they set a plane apart from just being a ridiculous bus".  You can see why he passed all these exams.

He sort of "haven't got much time" marinated the wings, cooked them, then served with two different glazes.

Gangnam was sweet and hot and Ain't No Thing was buttery and sour.  We preferred the Gangnam one, but was very cool to have contrasting hot wings.  Very nice.
The little dog was allowed one of the raw chicken wings (yes, yes, it's fine for dogs) and he just didn't know what to do with it.  If things are a bit big for him to swallow in one, he tends to bury them in the garden.  I wouldn't let him outside so he paced around the house with the chicken in his mouth.  In the end, I helped him tear it up, teaching him some dog skills.   I am a good Mother Bitch.  Not the first time I have been called that ;-)

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