Friday, 9 May 2014

"You'll eat what Jeff eats"

One of our favourite Mighty Boosh episodes is The Legend of Old Gregg.  And it's quite foody.  Sorta.

In it, our heroes visit a fishermen's village and try to get some food and drink in a local pub.  Then they fish on a lake on a full moon (classic mistake) and Howard meets Old Gregg.

Tonight is very niche and insane.  Welcome to our very, very favourite FridayDateNights.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Beginning with Maggot Brain by Funkadelic and lots of maggot based songs, which maybe unsurprisingly are mostly heavy metal.  Ending up in funk.

It's a weird playlist.

"You'll drink what Jeff drinks.  Maggot Cider."

You can't go wrong with maggots floating in Aspalls dry cider.

"You'll eat what Jeff eats.  Two Maggot Bhunas and a Naan Bread."

"Not you Naan bread."

"Flirtinis all round."

Having made his peace with our heroes, the landlord of the pub decides to expand his range of drinks beyond maggot based.

Jeff won't be pleased when he gets word.

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