Friday, 17 January 2014

Green Day

A green day is a wasted day smoking weed.  I am far too old for that, but in my mind, a green day is one where you truly set out to accomplish nothing.  Not in a depressing bad way, more as in there's nothing to achieve and just do pointless stuff and no chores.

I think everyone can benefit from one of those, and especially people like me who are too frenetic.

Green Day are obviously a band, and one that fits into the pop punk genre that Ian likes.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Starting with Green Day and deviating after a handful of songs as... well... they're a bit dull.


Any excuse to roll one of these out and they are, indeed, green.  Check out all our limes!  He bought some, I bought some, there was a whole "oh, you got some too!" debacle.  Crazy in our household, it is.
Baked Avocado with King Prawns

Obvs the prawns aren't green, but they made a good accompaniment.  The contents of the avocado where a zesty orange sort of salsa.  Was really nice in the baked avocado.
Spinach Tagliatelle with Homemade Pesto

There's something about homemade pesto, it's so fresh and zingy.  It takes so much basil to make it (a whole pot) it almost seems like a waste of a good herb.  But it' really not and it lasts for ages in the fridge.  Big win.  And very green.

'Key' Lime Cheesecake

This was a real cheaty cheesecake, I'm not sure it even really qualifies to be one.  But there were very few ingredients and it was easy so I thought I would throw it together.

And it was nice.  I upped the lime quite a bit and that was a good idea.

Any leftovers would be great to make into an ice cream, we'll see it there manages to be leftovers!

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