Friday, 31 January 2014

恭喜发财 Kung hei fat choi

Happy New Year!  Today we're gonna celebrate the Chinese New Year; we're now in the year of the horse.

If you haven't kept your New Year's resolutions, look, you can start again at this point!  Yay.

We are going to look at Chinese food and music and see what it's all like (the former I only know from Chinese restuarants, we haven't really done much beyond stir fries at home).

Music: Spotify playlist.  This list is C-Pop which is Chinese pop.  It is pretty much like the worst Eurovision music and I couldn't carry on beyond a few songs.  I switched to songs with the word "horse" in them, which was a better list.

Cocktail: Rum old fashioned

About time we tried this out again, this is one of my favourites.  Check out his cute orange rind foofery.

Yes, it's not Chinese.

Sweet and sour chicken

Seems like hyperbole, but this was the best sweet and sour dish I have had.  The sauce (which has that ubiquitous ketchup in it!) was a little spicy and the star anise gave it a lovely layer of taste.

He made a big load of egg fried rice and that was great, less oily than a take away.

The chicken was so juicy.

I think, just maybe, our take away isn't actually that good... I shall be demanding this again :-)

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