Friday, 22 November 2013

Dog days

Tonight's theme is dedicated to man's best friend.

Today we bought a dog.  I have been wanting a dog for a while and narrowed it down to a beagle being the dog of choice.  After thinking and researching and thinking yet more about how our lives would change, we brought Cooper home today.

We decided on a name a few week's ago, making it all a bit more real.  His full name is Cooper Black Bold, which is after an iconic font (you may know it from the Easyjet logo).  It's an awesome name I think.  And more people and dogs should be named after fonts.

He will be more of an observant of this FridayDateNight as I don't think he is partial to themed cocktails.  I am sure he appreciates the sentiment of the playlist dedicated to dogs and food around his heritage. Or, you know, doesn't notice at all.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Some good music in this mix (keyword of the word "dog", "dawg" and "Cooper").  A lot of the songs seem to be familiar - when we look up the artist, they are pretty famous, and we nod appreciatively.

A lot of tunes seem to be classic rock (again, I never get why a particular keyword would bring up songs mostly of a certain genre, but they really do); so Ian is loving them.

It feels like a great list of B sides.≥≥÷≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤ (those characters were a contribution from Cooper as he leant his head onto the warm keyboard).

Cocktail: Atomic dog

This cocktail is really lovely.  I did wonder why he served the drink with a black olive when it was a fruity drink, but it's actually a maraschino cherry (which makes far more sense).  He wanted a wedge of pineapple, but we can only work with what the local shop can provide, eh.

The drink combines white rum, midori, malibu, lemon juice and pineapple juice.  It's pretty full on girly but I kinda like it tonight.

Hot dog

We took Cooper on a walk to hopefully tire him out a bit.  He really, really likes smelling things.  Wow, it's like crack to him.  We took him to the farm shop, via a big loop, to get some bits and pieces for dinner.  We were far more tired than him, and it was only 4km (plus many stops for VERY exciting smells).  He did meet a couple of dogs and he was really friendly with them, it's good he's making buddies.

Got some lovely sausages and our starter was a hot dog with caramelised onions, ketchup and mustard.  He may have enjoyed a couple of pieces of sausage :-)


Ian thought that if a dog decided a meal and could cook it would definitely be steak.  So he has bought some lovely sirloin.  Cooper, tired by the traumatic experience of wondering why he is now in this new house, the couple of hours in a car and one hour of walking, has plonked himself in his dog bed.  He really, really wants to be part of what's going on, but his eyelids are very heavy.  He wanders back in occasionally, just in case anything is happening without his input, and then saunters back to have a sleep.  I adore that he knows that his bed is his safe haven.  We put his usual bed in the dining room next to a radiator.  Always good to have a retreat.

I think having a steak just in his honour is super mean, so a bit is cut off my rare steak for him to have tomorrow if he is feeling a bit stressed about his new life.  The plan is to spoil him a little in the first few days to help with settling here.  Please don't eat my shoes, Coop.  Please don't tear this jumper more.  Please stop humping my jeans...

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