Friday, 11 January 2013

Come Back to Texas

Unfathomable that we didn't do a Texas theme after our awesome holiday last year.  What a missed opportunity and how we are leaping onto it today!

Not sure it suits this January weather, with its snow warnings, but whatevs.

Food will be recipes from Home Sick Texan (the glossy recipe book is one of our favourites) and the music is from Wikipedia's extensive (?) list of bands from Texas.  It's a crappy list, but a start point.  Turns out that's all sorts of genres coming out of this state from Beyonce to Meatloaf.

Music: Spotify playlist.

Cocktail: Margarita of course!  He has found a new bottle of Tequila.  With it's terrible cheap font logo and picture on the label it sorta shoulda been dire. But it wasn't.  Needs to be thrown into a tasting party, of course, and that should definitely happen...


I love nachos and make them on Sundays to lift our spirits that Monday is a-comin'.

I make them in the only way I have ever thought to do them, tortilla chips, refried beans spread over, as well as salsa, then maybe meat, fried onions and peppers, jalapenos (weirdly the jarred ones are better for this) and a load of grated cheese.  Whang the oven on full, grilley grill grill.  Serve with guacamole and sour cream.  Be as happy as any person that ever existed.

These ones are individually prepared.  He cut up corn tortillas and then fried the triangles.  Topped them with refried beans, cheese and jalapeno.  Served with guacamole and sour cream.

They were amazing.  Not better - different - and definitely needing revisiting.
Chicken fajitas

This has been my favourite dish for a squillion years.  The go to when super happy or super sad.  Of late I have discovered so many other things to be in love with I haven't returned to this classic.  Have been addicted to quaesadilla in a heroin-craving kinda way.  Refried bean burritos.  Piles of nachos.  Ooo, all Tex Mex.  I think it's the most soul warming and happy making food.

He has followed the Homesick Texan recipe, marinating the chicken in balsamic, lime, worcester sauce, and it was lovely.  He thinks a longer marination period and more chicken would  

He made loads of guacamole, something I just love, and threw the stone in as apparently it stops it going brown?  Wonder if that's a myth.

The music has been great fun, I wanted more country music, but it seems that's statist and they have Drowning Pool and The Polyphonic Spree.

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