Friday, 30 March 2012

Olympic Games

We decided to celebrate the upcoming Olympics Games with our evening of food and tunes.  We are thinking we should get a bit into it - once in a lifetime etc etc.  So, let's embrace!

What food can he come up with?  What music goes?!  How good to challenge ourselves in such a way.

In this evening we answer the question: how many of the games have a ball.  It's been something I know you have wanted to know forever.
Music: Spotify playlist.  I went through each games at the olympics to see what tunes have been made about them.  Very varied list!

Olympic Rings

He wanted a bit of a ring motif for the starter - hoping for squid rings, but the shop let him down. He did well with mini ciabatta rolls toasted and made into rings with the aid of a small cookie cutter.  Served up with balsamic vinegar (from our Italian trip) and olive oil.

The Many Balls of the Olympics (with tomato sauce served with spaghetti) -->

Going through the list of the games in the Olympics, I counted nine that needed a ball :-)  So really we should have nine meatballs each, though we went with nine between the two of us because we are not greedy at all.

He followed a recipe that had venison and pork, which he minced together - the texture was really meaty.  They were as dissimilar to the Ikea meatballs as one could get.  Yes, that's a good thing.

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