Friday, 18 May 2012


Tonight we will embrace the fun and crazy of carnival.  We wanted something pizazzy and fabulous.

I had imagined a circus style evening, but he has researched a whole Venetian Carnival.

Music: Spotify playlist.  I have no energy or creativity this evening to think much beyond keywords, but they are coming out quite interestingly.  And quite dark.

FoodWe start with a martini, very welcome as I have ridden home in some splattering showers and dismal, depressing weather.  All joy inside chez nous though!  The kitchen smells of something cooking away in the oven.  He is leaping about, humming and beavering.  FDN is brilliant!

Challenge item: Balsamic vinegar.

Crocchette di Patate Calabrese

This is a wonderful recipe to watch being created.  Scooping out the lovely innards of jacket potatoes, mixing with parmesan, parsley and egg.  Then shaping into sausages and coating with crushed up croutons (his alternative to breadcrumbs).  He makes millions, like we're catering for a dinner party.  I salivating watching the assembly and nibble on parmesan and salami (which is intended for the main) and slosh back red wine.

They are wonderful.  Really succulent and lovely.  Maybe a tad too garlicky and as something on their own as a starter they do need a dipping sauce.  Cue the balsamic that works surprisingly well.  We have now run out of our balsamic we specially bought from Moderna.  We decide we need to return to Italy, but maybe not Moderna as it wasn't that exciting.

Today has been strange.  I went to the Friar's Walk Mall in Reading to be interviewed about my experience killing zombies there.  Also had some real action shooting them.  I am confident I would be very able in a Zombie Apocalypse which is a great thing to know about oneself.

Grande Lasagna di Carnevale

This is the most intense meal I have ever been involved in.  If it had a quarter of the ingredients it would still be insanely rich.

I couldn't manage to take a picture of it that didn't look insanely greasy and not that pleasant.  But since there are a lot of fatty foods in it, I don't think I had a chance.  Three meats and two cheese.  Wow.

It was an experience, certainly, but my arteries begged me to never have this again.

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