Friday, 2 March 2012

Leap Day William

Today we are celebrating Leap Day.  Yes, you know how we all celebrate our hearts out on this wonderful day that comes only every four years?  Oh, yeah, we don't.

This week, 30 Rock had an episode dedicated to this idea; creating their own idea of what celebrating Leap Day could be.  It involved Leap Day William (a Santa Claus type tradition) and everyone of blue and yellow.  What a great idea to wear these two colours together that would look hideous!  I was gutted I was ill on Leap Day as I woulda totally worn blue and yellow and gone with the ridiculous.

The theme tonight is around this subject matter.

Music: Spotify playlist.  I am going for some keywords of "leap", "blue" and "yellow" and whatever else inspires.  These keyword search evenings are brilliant as we discover new awesome tracks and have an evening of all sorts of genres.  You never know if it will be heavy metal or an irish jig.

Challenge for me is to find a song that mentions both blue and yellow.  Eeek.

Food: his challenge food is pine nuts.  Since I forgot about the challenge item and have told him after he has thought up recipes and bought ingredients, let's see if he can incorporate them somehow.

Since we did have a theme in the past that needed blue food (we watched the election and have red, blue and yellow food - as well as shots of each, which helped accompany the weird food and politics), I knew it wasn't an easy one.  So I gave him an 'out' as blue and yellow are the colours of Sweden.  maybe he could do something with their cuisine.  Oh, but not, he says he has found some gems.  Let's crack on then!

We have some gate-crashers for our evening tonight; the lovely Jess and Ick.  We were going to think up a theme that wasn't as mad (not least as they won't even have seen the episode the whole evening is based around!), but then thought it would be great for them to see our incredible tenuous connections all evening.

We begin with a blue cocktail  Blue Lagoon and a yellow cocktail, the Yellow Bird which we discovered recently.

<-- Al Fredo Blue

He quite fancied a bit of pasta and I LURVE Saint Agur.  I like other more posh cheese too, but it's a good little cheese that I may have eaten masses of on occasion.

Quite simple, but tasty.  Took the edge off the hunger and went well with the white Black Stump.

Toad in the Hole -->

Toad's leap.  Yes, that's it.


Looking forward to it though!

He served it with gravy and peas.  I thought the batter was really nice and he chose good sausages (Prince Charles's Duchy brand).  Worked well and def worth a do over, maybe a little less burnt though (he says!).

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