Friday, 6 December 2013


e is writing this week.

We are going to look at the conmen of the food world. She's been watching a lot of the TV series Hustle this week - hence the title.

Can't go wrong with a cheeky con.

Red pepper or scary monster? -->

Music: Spotify playlist.  Covers!  Starting with a cover by The Rapture (known for the Misfits TV show theme tune) that is so unlike the original I'm not even sure it's a cover.

So she's cooking tonight, so that means I get to put my feet up, play with the dog. What could be easier? What? I have to do the blog? AND play with the dog?

Her research turned up very few victorian mock recipes or in fact little inspiration of any kind. So she's chosen to do a dish normally served as a desert as a main and visa versa. I can't wait to see what she's up to. Currently chopping veg, frying bacon and putting the bacon to one side.

The music has some very interesting covers - very different versions of famous songs.


So the main course is a savoury trifle. Oh my. so in a large glass bowl she's assembling garlic sour bread fried in bacon fat (ah!). On top is a chicken arrabiata 'fruit' layer. Next is cauliflower cheese for custard  and finally a smooth mashed potato cream. The only thing she can't find is hundreds and thousands. She tops it off with an olive which looks just like a cherry.

Frankly it's very satisfying, like a spicy cottage pie or in fact like a savoury trifle - Meat Trifle. Mmm. Served with her choice of red - Villa Carfaggio Chianti Classico from the Co-Op which is a great wine.


Now she's flattening pancakes and cutting them into quarters - ah! The frying pan is out - sweet nachos cooked in sugar and butter for caramelised nachos.

The guacamole is made from banana with green food colouring - it looks exactly right! Strawberry salsa with lime zest, chocolate and dried fruit mince, extra thick cream and custard for melted cheese.

This lady is so creative!

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