Friday, 11 October 2013


Today is a binary date.  Sorta.

Yesterday three years ago we got engaged on 101010.  That was a binary date.  Now we have no more properly binary dates till, what, 010100 (i.e. first Jan in the year 3000).  I might not be around for that.

I like binary; the simplicity of something being a yes or a no with no grey area.  Life is full of grey areas.  Tonight shall just be yeses and no.

Mostly yeses to drink and food, admittedly...

Music: Spotify playlist.  I have keyword searched music with the words "one", "zero" and "binary".  That's the sum effort of my musical input this evening.

"Binary" contains mostly electronic music, I suppose that's not unexpected.  "One" includes the marvellous One Direction.  "Zero" is pretty punky.

Cocktail: "Frozen Ruby" manhattan

This is a Manhattan, but served in house style, and named after my drunken realisation that this drink is like drinking a frozen ruby.  It's not, obviously, you can't drink a ruby, frozen or not.  Drunk me is dumb. However, the name denotes when he whips up this drink using Lillet rouge as the red vermouth.  We then decided to float a solitary ice cube in it as a motif.

We do have a lot of time on our hands, huh?

Grilled Scallops wrapped in Proscuitto

His take on this theme is making food that is either there or not.  As in, mouthful sized food... there it is on the plate represented by a "1" and then it's in my mouth and gone... "0".

Starting off with lovely, juicy scallops, wrapped in proscuitto and grilled, with a little bit of lemon juice... very nice indeed.  One of those easy things to make that still seems to be impressive.

Wasabi devilled eggs

These are really lovely.  The yolk part is creamy and HOT and really nice.

He thinks he went a bit crazy with the wasabi, but he liked them.  He is not sure that devilled eggs are a good thing.  I agree, it feels too 70s.  It's a bit of a dull thing, you're just eating a whole egg that's a bit fancier.  Hmmmm.

Noto-gyû Stçki (Salted and Seasoned Grilled Beef)

He thinks this was a spectacular success.

It was really delicious.  Salty and tasty.  I would have liked to have rare, but as followers of this blog will have noticed, I will never get anything but medium or well done.  Sigh.

Really fun and worth doing again for a whole steak (these were smaller).

Did suck to see him pour the steak drenched Saki down the sink.  Though it did look like blood...

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