Friday, 27 September 2013

Texas BBQ

He has the day off today so he has decided to go for something that needs cooking longer (as usually he can only start cooking at 6pm or 7pm).

We only had a small amount of Texas BBQ when in Texas, so we're just guessing, and trusting the Internet (how could that possibly go wrong?).

And, a great opportunity to get our country music thang on.

Music: Spotify playlist.  I reckon it will take one drink until I think I can professionally line dance.

Cocktail: Cowboy cocktail

1 shot tequila blanco
1 bottle beer
Crushed ice
1/2 lime, juiced

What a weird idea for a drink.  But, then, there are those (not nice) tequila beers, Desperado.

So, hesitantly, I sip at it.  And it's nice; really refreshing and tasty.  Lime, tequila and beer.  Who'd have thought.  Would be a nice summertime long drink, out in the garden.

Chopped Beef Sandwich with a Spicy BBQ Sauce

Recipe from our favourite recipe book, the Homesick Texan.  He has been wanting to make a slow cooked barbeque style foodstuff for ages, so he was pleased to have a go at this.

Not much to be done with the beef, so he fries up pieces of the 'most American looking' bacon (i.e. streaky) he could find, adds the beans and throws in the oven.

He is now squirting tomato ketchup into a saucepan.  Hmmm.  He says this is the BBQ sauce.  But he put tomato sauce in a Katsu curry sauce which seemed insane for a Japanese dish, but it did work.  I just find it weird to see ketchup in a good recipe.

And it's ready.

We laden up a white toasted roll with BBQ sauce, chopped beef, onions, pickles and jalapenos.  It's a very cheerful food.  Tasty and spicy and constantly interesting.  The beef was tender (although could have been a bit moister).

The beans are lovely, tasty and hearty.  Would make a meal in themselves, maybe swirled into some brown rice.  Glad he made loads extra.

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