Friday, 6 September 2013


Tonight's theme is "funky".  I have been discovering all sorts of mad tunes recently; I have Spotify on my headphones at work and I follow something similar to the Wikipedia vortex (where you start on one page and you click on an interesting link on that page, and then click an interesting link on that page, and so on until you're reading about Hungarian architects and about strains of broccoli).

In this manner I start off with a band I like and hit the 'similar artists' and before you know it... you're in funkytown.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Lots of funk here.  Leading me to the conclusion that I like funk... but for 20 minutes.

Gumbo with Kale with Cornbread

The cornbread was quite sweet, but really delicious.  It was made in a tray and it will be hard not to keep going back to it and cutting off a cheeky piece.

Kale I am undecided on.

The gumbo was okay, but watery, would like another go but with a different recipe.

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