Friday, 2 August 2013


My friend Andy has recently moved to Reading and we tried out the local Caribbean cafe recently.  He is so from Jamaica in a previous life (in this life he is a white Welsh guy) and loves reggae and the cuisine.  And so do I.  Hot and satisfying.  We had a mutton curry with some ginger beer and it was epic.

We have been growing a chilli plant for what seems like forever.  A month of being outside and it has rapidly produced several Scotch bonnet chillies.  We've been waiting for an excuse to use the chillies and this theme is a winner.

Not sure I love reggae (I am being kind, I am pretty sure I really don't) so the quest is on to find some that I like.

Music: Spotify playlist.  Since I don't know this genre I have shoved together a list of reggae artists.  I should probably research beyond the one genre.  Let's see.  This rum punch with over proof rum might sway my actions...

Cocktail: Rum punch

With three types of rum, how can you go wrong?

And then the traditional grapefruit soda Ting.

Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas

The roasted limes looked cool and added a lovely flavour to the chicken.

Rice and peas (peas are beans) was lovely.  It is cooked in coconut oil so is a great foil for anything hot.  I slopped Encona hot sauce on my plate, because it's just lovely.  Their website has some great recipes actually, I must revisit.

This was tasty and satisfying.  Definite thumbs up.

The reggae however, urghh, I just can't get on board with it.

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