Friday, 28 June 2013

3 is the magic number

Tumblr (the blog people) sent me an email congratulating me for three years of blogging.  Yes, yes, I know we're on Blogger right now, but I started it all off on Tumblr before they caused me to want to throw my laptop violently across the room with their lack of saving my precious words.

We have been doing FridayDateNights from the first time he made me game casserole many years back when we were all cute and new, and have, so I gather, been actually blogging it for three freakin' years.

And sometimes, wow, it's a pain thinking up a theme (and you'll have seen some desperate choices), deciding food, prepping, choosing music and writing it all up.  But, it's fun to read back on, not least because I am destroying my memory with all the lovely cocktails.

Music: Spotify playlist.  A playlist of all things 'three'.  From De la Soul, through Britney Spears and on into Aviici.  Not so many songs containing the word "3" so I had to resort to triangles to boost the playlist.  Music across the genres and quite fun.

Cocktail: Martini - stirred, not shaken.

This has nothing to do with the number three, but sometimes one needs a martini on a friday night.

Here he is, stirring the drink in a Pyrex jug.  Classy.  I am sure the top bars do the same.

So, tasting it... you'd think this would be the same drink as being shaken, but it really wasn't.  Stirring made it less cold and that made the drink more flavoursome.

I would definitely recommend and will ask for this version again.

Tricolore salad

Starting off with the three coloured Italian flag, this is such a lovely refreshing and colourful tasty dish.  Gorgeous beef tomatoes, quality mozzarella and some home grown basil.  No shabby.

Chicken - three ways

The lengths he goes to on a Friday night when he is tired!

He wanted to cook chicken in three very contrasting ways and he went for: Chinese style, Tex Mex and Italian.

Chinese Chicken: Tangy and interesting.

Tex Mex Chicken: I don't usually go in for rice based all-in-one meals, but this was nice, and quite hot, and would be awesome for an Autumn quick meal.

Italian Chicken: After all the incredible tastiness of the other dishes, this poor option comes out a bit bland.  It isn't, it's just subdued against the other ones.  It would be good for this chicken dish to have its own outing and take centre stage.

Trio of Desserts

Trifle, Rum Baba and lemon posett.  Far too much after such a meal, so we shared.  All three being cream laden was probably a bit much, but they were all lovely.

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