Friday, 15 March 2013

Half Mara FTW

Sunday is the day of the Reading Half Marathon.  Since the beginning of the year we have been following a schedule to get us ready for this event.  It's been very challenging sometimes (snow and mud) and incredible in other ways (he has lost over half a stone just from the running).  Our speed, has in the past been real slow.  A 10 min/mile would have been a real good day, with slower being a regular occurrence.  This week we even knocked a few 8:30 min/miles!  I managed a 7:15min/mile, but it was very downhill, ha!

Since we're running together we won't be playing tunes during the race, but many have got me through some reluctant runs over the last few months.  It's a selection that is fast paced and generally cheery.  All over the genres, they're not important, if a cheesy track gets you up that hill, you'll take it.  Added some from friends and look forward to taking them all out on runs after the race.  Yes, even after all my whining, am actually super keen to remain running at this faster pace and these longer distances.  Who would have thought.

Music: Spotify playlist.  This has been helped by the net (natch), some personal favourites, and the playlist of my friend Siobhan (who is training for a PB 10K).  It's nice to see someone else's playlist and find music you wouldn't usually get to hear.  Not all of hers made the cut, but some were good finds.

Cocktail: Roadrunner Punch.

A mixture of rums, fruit juices and blue curaƧao.  Looks amazing!  And he has garnished it with a runner bean, he so funny.  Tastes nice, really cheery.  I know professional runners like ourselves shouldn't be drinking.  But it's for the carbs...

Soft Boiled Goose Egg with Steak Dippers and Giant Soldiers

I have been eating a serious amount of protein of late.  Eggs all the time, beans for lunch most days.  For the last few long runs I have craved handfuls of roast chicken which I have unceremoniously stuffed in my face.  Red and sweaty.  It's been a shameful time.

Protein is what you eat more of when your muscles need repairing/building up, so this meal is literally just protein.  Steak to dip in a massive egg.

It was odd, and incredible and insanely filling.  Neither of us could finish.  They say protein is more filling, and they're not wrong.

Having a goose egg was enormous fun - I love our farm shop - and I'd like to try a giant fried egg and he's up for trying to poach one.  The things that excite us!


  1. wow I want a goose egg now. we had quails eggs at Easter and R ate a whole one thinking it was a mini egg.