Friday, 29 June 2012


The weather has been so lovely recently a picnic seemed the ideal way to spend hubbie's birthday FridayDateNight.

Of COURSE this would mean it would be raining on the day.  But, as if a little something like that would deter us.  Picnic blanket on the kitchen floor was perfect.  As I'm not working at the mo, it was awesome to not have to cook at the same time as lounging on the floor, once you're lounging on a picnic blanket there should be nothing that makes you move.  Except bees I suppose.

Music: Spotify playlist.  A surprising amount of eclectic music around the subject of picnics.  And some odd and wonderful remixes (notably a ska version) of the Teddy Bear's Picnic.

FoodThis week I was cooking as he needed to rest for his birthday the next day (ha) and I decided to make it a retro picnic.  I went to three shops!  I wasn't even making anything that exotic!  These events sure are complex.

Devilled Eggs

I have never had these, I think just a bit before my time.  Quite simple to do (even if you forget that you're boiling eggs and leave them for twenty minutes).  Scrapping out the egg yolk was a bit of a pain, and I don't know if the additions to the yolks were interesting enough here.  And the internet has variations from mustard (which I used) and tabasco to vinegar.  I used very little of the light mayonaise and replaced with half fat creme fraiche.  Mayonaise is, after all, just mayonaise and I'd rather not eat that en masse.  Cold boiled eggs are weird though, I would like to redo this, make the yolk more interesting, and do it with smaller eggs - is there something between chicken eggs and quails?

Quail Scotch Eggs

Never liked scotch eggs.  They're horrible, mass manufactured things that people eat at picnics.  There's a whole egg in there, who wants to sit eating a whole egg?  And you can't put it down, it rolls around!  And my oh my does it smell foul.

But I like the idea of mini ones, with awesome sausage meat.  Dead easy to make, I think I got bored of looking at recipes.  Boiled and cooled quail egg, dip in flour, then egg wash, then breadcrumbs (mine were wholemeal which added a little something too).  Then deep fried for a bit.

Fabulous with a bit of piccalilli.

Coronation Chicken

This is a horrible greasy meal, so I reduced the mayo right down, made it light, added toasted almonds and raisins and curry paste.  Used a roasted rotisserie chicken as chicken can be very dry.  And that was it.

Pretty nice actually.

Ginger Sponge Cake with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Didn't make any of this, but my local farm shop (I know!  I have one of those!)

Fabulous chunks of ginger and sickly sweet caramel sauce.  Rather over powered the salted caramel ice cream, probably vanilla would have been a better accompaniment, or creme fraiche to slice through all the sweetness.

Definitely would have again.

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