Friday, 6 January 2012

In the Summertime

Bored of this endless dark and gloom and wind and rain.  If it was snowing it would at least be a bit more interesting.  Tonight, we're going to zip quickly into the future and imagine it's glorious sun and light and those cotton wool type clouds.

On the food front we'll be inspired by tropical places and holiday destinations and a season of sunkissed produce.  On the music front it'll be cheery, summery songs that make you feel like the sun is beating down on you.

Music: Spotify playlist.  A few keyword searches on summery themes and some websites and off we go starting with Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime.

Food: He decided that our honeymoon in Italy and the wonderful summeriness would be a good place to gain inspiration.  Although, the winds are blowing outside and he was wary of salads and cold foods!

<-- Chanterelle Risotto

The man loves his risotto!  He chose this recipe because of its emphasis on Pecorino cheese, of which he has quite a bit in the fridge.  He thinks this dish is "fucking awesome" and, in fact, has taken third helpings now.  It is a great mushroom risotto and I think could take being a main with a green salad and crusty bread.  Maybe more mushrooms.  Very nice beginning to the evening.  He has a white wine with it, a Terso Bianco from Venice.  I really enjoyed the wine and then he smugly tells me it's less than a fiver.  Stock up my man!

Watching him finish off his third plateful, I think, he aint ever gonna leave me for some cute 21 year old, it'll be for a risotto chef :-)  I tell him this and he nods.  Ho ho.

Dory con Olive e Patate -->

We had this a few times on our trip to Italy and we loved the simplicity and flavours.  It felt so summery and fresh.  He went down to the docks to get some fish, then realised we don't live anywhere near docks, so went to Waitrose.  They said that the fishermen are still on holiday.  Ya what now?  So there was very little fish available.  He went for the white fish available which was haddock.  Not dory or dorado or something with a fancy name.  Am sure it will be beautiful.

In the meantime we hit some good tracks, bit of Gipsy Kings, The Thrills, Georgie Fame.  I need to put some more tunes in and I find a celebrity summer choice website.  They have not all got good taste...  But some have rockin' ideas.


For some reason, post food, I am making him read out Michael from Alan Partridge in a Geordie accent (which obviously he can do quite well).  It's just brilliant.  I play the Futureheads in the background as they are from Sunderland.  NO WHEY.  Next is Maximo Park (who I loved when they weren't all that big) and their accent is great fun.

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