Friday, 28 February 2014

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras!  What a cheerful fun theme to do!

We need an injection of fun into this dreary weather.  We even ran away for a holiday to Thailand for a week, and it was like being transported into the summer.  But now, back here, with the February rain and flooding.


Music: Spotify playlist. The music was okay for a bit, but wasn't floating our boat.  So we whacked on the Hugh Laurie album which is down the same road, but for some reason we enjoyed more.

Cocktail: Sazerac cocktail

Rye fits in well here and I had mine without Absinthe (as however much I try to like the stuff, I just ain't into aniseed).

Mr B's Gumbo Ya Ya

This was a really involved recipe that involved boiling a whole chicken, making a stock from that water and then shredding it from the bones.  It was a bit of a pallaver but a new way to make something and the results... oh the results.

Utterly delicious.  You know when you're just eating and smiling?

I think it looks a bit... anaemic, especially compare against the recipe picture, but we can work on that for next time.
Jalapeno Cornbread

The cornbread (ingredients being butter and flour and more butter) was really lovely.

I upped the chillies in it and I think whilst not particularly useful against the gumbo, as a snackette on its own will give it more presence.  I omitted the prawns as I thought it would be nicer without.  Shall maybe try with next time.

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