Friday, 27 February 2015


I don't usually take requests, but Ange at work 'demanded' she got to choose today's topic. And she chose "circus".

Here we go then!

I found this groovy image to accompany the blog. In real life, I have to be careful professionally not to use copyrighted images, but here, in a blog that only I read, along with my Mum, I thieve like crazy. But I will credit this on as you can buy it as a poster and you should. I like it!

And immediately play this classic song for the circus: Entry of the Gladiators. I can't help but think that the original composer, with a title like that, hoped for more than a bunch of clowns walking out to his music.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Sandwich wars!

Tonight is the battle of the sandwiches! We are both making each other a surprise sandwich, trying to impress and win the coveted prize of nothing at all.

Who will win? Will it be E with the red Joseph chopping board and an assortment of interesting, exotic ingredients or will it be T with a purple Ikea chopping board and blood dripping from a gigantic gash on her finger from cleaning the knife?

This is the second silly mishap this week. On Wednesday I was running away from the dog, playing hide and seek, and ran out into the garden ("haha, he'll never find me there!") and sliced the sole of my foot off on the concrete step. Obviously I couldn't squeal as I was playing hide and seek and didn't want to give away my location, so I hugged my ragged remaining stump of a foot to my body, sobbing internally. The dog walked up slowly, stared at me (pityingly one might say), and wandered off.

Me 0 : Dog 1.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Georgia on our mind

For a whole evening, yesterday, we had thought we might be moving to Georgia for six months.

But we're not.

But we shall eat their food and listen to their music this evening instead.

Friday, 30 January 2015


Hello, hello.

There's been quite a gap since the last Friday Date Night, in fact the longest gap since we started doing these many many years ago. Obviously, our relationship is entirely built on this one night a week, it's our bedrock, so it cannot go away.

FDN returns bigtime.

We start off with a simple theme of "favourites". Favourite dish, favourite cocktail and favourite tunes.

Let's crack on.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Simple but wow

We wanted a nice, easy evening tonight, so I thought dishes that were pretty simple to do, but were lovely. Things don't have to take hours to prepare to be amazing.

I wanted to have music that was in a similar vein, so I have ended up with a list of a music that is apparently good to start with on a guitar. Some good tunes in there.

Blog is simple too.


Friday, 8 August 2014

I'm no Superman

A Scrubs themed night tonight.  We did a FridayDateNight a while back on the Brinner phenomenon (having breakfast stuffs for dinner) that they did themselves in an episode.  That was a wonderful idea.

We have been watching Scrubs re-runs recently and really enjoying them (and surprised how much we had forgotten).

We have loved Cougar Town and it's great to see Ellie back there almost identically as Jordan, the evil ex wife of Dr Cox. Ian admits he likes leering at Elliot's body.

Friday, 27 June 2014


I am getting a cheeky new car this weekend.  My little Vauxhall Tigra I have had since forever has become a bit of a liability to constantly fix.  Threw some money to pass its MOT and then a test drive at a Mini dealership ended up with the car I wanted being available.  Ahh, sod it.  I went for it.

Now, FDN theme wise there is a lot of music surrounding driving.  You can think of a few without putting too much effort into it.  But food?  Driving and eating isn't really a thing.  In the end, and he hasn't yet bailed on a theme, he has gone for a roadside diner idea.  Should be good.

I am making dessert as it keeps me out of trouble.